Junior Comedy Award

Being a young startup, this is just, but our first competition; more are yet to follow. We conduct this competition annually at the end of the year. Participants fall in the age category between twelve to eighteen years and can be from any nation. If you are able to make it to the final auditions in Japan and you meet all these conditions, you are fit to try your luck. The best three comedians join our MC Dialog Next Generation team and get nurtured to become great comedians in the future. Besides, these winners also get a chance to make some income, as they get paid for any successful comedy shows that they undertake.

MC Dialog Auditions

Before joining our able team of comedians, we take you through an auditioning process. We only allow comedians who have education certificates for basic education, as we do not encourage school drop-out. This is because some students see comedy as an easy way out to drop out of school, which is a very bad notion.

There are three stages that you must successfully pass before being considered as a potential team member.

  1. Personal performance before a panel of judges
  2. Group performance to judge your teamwork skills
  3. Personal performance before an audience at a live show

We look at different skills and qualifications in all of these three performances.

Grooming– Your personal grooming should be standard and should communicate your position as a comedian. Even your signature dress code must be descent since you are the face of the company.

Humor– You must be able to make the judges and the audience laugh. If your performance is dry, then we’ll not be able to accommodate you. We value our audience’s feedback, so if you are able to please the audience, then you’ll please us too.

Language– We accept comedy in English and Japanese. Whatever your style is, you must be able to relay the message in a presentable way and not in poor language. Even if your content is good, the poor language will break the communication and therefore render it sub-standard.

Presentation skills– You must be able to carry yourself professionally while remaining humorous at the same time. You must also present your content in a manner that is entirely accepted by the Japanese Comedians Association.

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