Started in 2018, the blog has been so successful, with over two million followers worldwide. The blog covers so many niches and is a very useful resource for students of journalism and aspiring comedians. The blog has both English and Japanese translations, to reach out to more people. There are so many articles that you can access on our blog, such as:

  • How to become an award-winning comedian
  • Challenges that comedians face and how to overcome them
  • The origin and development of comedy
  • Trends in comedy in 2019
  • Top secrets for a successful comedy show

Work with us

There are several work opportunities that you can make good use of, especially if you have a heart full of humor. Some of the tasks you can do at MC Dialog include:

Comedy– Due to the increasing demand for trendy and current comedy shows, we are ever on the lookout for new comedians who are full of life and can move the millennials. This does not mean that old comedians are locked out, though. If you have grey hair and can still pass our audition stage, then we have your place on stage. Our comedians perform on stage, become MCs during events, and also participate in TV commercials.

Creative writing– Our writers for are highly qualified comedians with a good mastery of either Japanese or English. Writers with proficiency in both languages have a bigger advantage over the others since they can also double up as translators for the blog.

Art and Design– Artists play a great role in the delivery of content, both on-stage and on the blog. From make-up artists to fashion designers, graphic designers, cartoonists, and digital artists, we have a place for all creative talents.

Web development and technicians– Our technical team is divided into two. The web developers and content managers deal with the blog, while the technical engineers deal with the machinery used during comedy shows.

Marketing– Our sales and marketing team is made up of comedians themselves, alongside professional marketing experts.

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